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About Us

WHO WE ARE Vovim is the embodiment of an attitude. Of a free and open spirit, of unshakable self-belief, of positivity, creativity and liberation. Vovim is for the world’s wild-hearted women. Our range of radiant bags are handcrafted with care in Bali from the highest quality natural materials using traditional techniques, and sold exclusively online so that we can bring you extraordinary pieces of wearable art at an affordable price. We believe that every woman has the right to self-expression, and we carry this belief in everything we do. But more than that, we believe that every woman has the right to feel safe and to be treated fairly.THE ARTISANS BEHIND Vovim That’s why, more than anything else, we take pride in supporting some of Indonesia’s most talented artisans. When the idea for Vovim took root, it was with a simple realisation: these designs deserve to be seen and to be appreciated beyond the streets of Bali. And the artisans behind them deserve to be properly compensated for their incredible work. It brings us the greatest joy to know that we are not only empowering Balinese artisans to take control of their future, but also connecting them with buyers who feel a true affinity for their magical work.So take a look through our store and find the piece that resonates with who you are. Buy it not just as a work of art or a treasured accessory, but as a way to give back to the world.Buying an Vovim bag is more than just a purchase. It’s a choice.